Sunday, December 05, 2004

Happy Hour Talk

Landed at 10 in the morning, in the train by 10:45, picked up at 2:00 and at a bar for a happy hour celebrating Sabine's mother's 60th birthday by 4:00. Fifteen women, aged 40-60, in a cafe decorated to look like a cave with a giant fireplace (which I stayed near, since it is cold and damp, as you'd expect.)

Funnily enough for the Dutch (probably one of the most direct and outspoken people in the world), the folks who met me as the-friend-from-America didn't say a word about politics, although they were full of questions abour Georgia and my living here and the general differences in lifestyle. I finally started things up a little with one of the more colorful ladies, and we had an interesting talk about how incredibly fast things have changed, both in the Netherlands and in the US.

The line I remember most, on the subject of the gay marriage witchhunt: "That kind of thing could never, ever happen here. Not because people don't hate people, although nobody cares about the bedroom part of other people's lives really, but even people who hate people don't think they can put their hate in the country's consistution."


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