Sunday, November 21, 2004

No Stuffed Socks...or Buddy Either

While watching a recap of the week's news that included the dedication of the Clinton Library, Tom and I spied a very lifelike Socks and Buddy, former presidential pets, in the background of one shot. Tom thought they were the work of a taxidermist, I swore that no Democrat would ever display stuffed dead animals-at least in public. A bet was made: winner buys tickets to Little Rock.

Googling for the answer, I first thought I'd be the purchaser, having come across Buddy pic with the caption "stuffed dog part of Library exhibit." Turns out, it was just a less-than-truthful blog post...but the comments, oh the comments. Speculation on whether Vince Foster would be in a glass case also, the insensitivity of Slick Willie, and, of course, a big portion of blame resting right on Hillary. Thankfully, the next hits, a Houston Chronicle article and an AP feed quoting the Library's director, proved me right: just very lifelike pet tributes. Not that disturbing: that's a category that comes to mind when you view the fan site people created for Buddy (of blessed memory.)


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